I have been interested in drawing, painting and writing since I was a child. I have always been surrounded by papers, colours and pencils. I have even kept paintings and stories I did in my childhood just to remember me how creative and productive I can be.

In primary school I always got very high mark in art subjects, so in high school I studied Decorative Painting and I tried Drama for five years. After I did a two-year pre-university course in all aspects of the arts with subjects that include painting, sculpting, life drawing, philosophy, drama, etc.. I finished that period of my education by doing higher studies two-year training in Sociocultural Activity; during these two years I did my business practices in the Seville City Council Cultural Department.

I have been fortunate to work in many different places, but I would like to highlight two in which I learnt a lot of things. My first adventure was as entrepreneur with three other partners in Cuatropuntos SC, a cultural management company. My second great experience was as a producer and manager in Sinele Danza, a contemporary dance company with an amazing and very creative friend.

After a while, I left my country following my love, he was living in Ireland so... I went to the green island! There, I learned English and started my business: tHE 33ZTH oRDER. Ireland has given me so much: a wonderful relationship, my artistic life, a new language, amazing new friends, enjoy the greenness, appreciate the Sun and even my cats. After all those years in Ireland, were my business took form and grew, I have come back to Spain. From now on, Málaga will be the city where I will continue this creative journey with new ideas and great enthusiasm.


33ZTH is a pot where I pour long standing ideas, new projects and great enthusiasm. Then, I stir everything with love, I pet my cats and the illustrations, paintings, crafts and ideas pop up.

This word refers to my date of birthday: "3", and some letters from my name: "E"li"Z"abe"T""H". But, as you can see I flipped the "E" and now it runs as another "3".

My business is based in Málaga, Spain. There, I have a cosy corner of home as a studio. My illustrations are mostly about my love for animals and nature but also I like give some life to my dark but cute side of my imagination. Watercolours are my main medium, I love work with paper and water!

You can follow me on my Facebook fan-page, Twitter, Instagram and ETSY social-media apps as Elizabeth Casua or tHE 33ZTH oRDER.


All designs are fully original. They are inspired by nature and the culture surrounding me. For this reason, you will never find any copies of famous cartoons, pictures, etc.

When a new design is carried out, I research within different sources like photographs, pictures, documentaries about animals, landscapes or symbology to get some inspiration.

After this research, I make some sketches and finally decide my final work.

For commissions I will ask your expectations about the piece, colours and feelings that you want to find there, etc. I will do some sketches before start the final piece, in order to show you and discuss the final idea.


A watercolour is the medium or the resulting artwork in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-soluble vehicle. The traditional and most common support for watercolour paintings is paper.

My mom bought me my first watercolours in my childhood. At first, I didn't realize its properties and beauty, it was just another way to have fun.

As a teenager, I discovered its beauty through comics and illustrations. As soon as I studied Arts, I had the opportunity to learn how use watercolours and instantly felt the beginning of a special relationship.

Transparency, symbiosis with paper and kindness in the application are the things most I like of this awesome medium, I love watercolours!

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