A COMMISSION FROM SPAIN: happy birthday Juan Carlos!

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Birthday Card Juan Carlos - Elizabeth Casua tHE 33ZTH oRDER

This commission was ordered one year ago. I didn't write a post earlier because it was for a birthday and I didn't want anyone to see the work before Juan Carlos. After that I felt in my wrists problems.

I'm now retaking all my tasks, post, etc. So... let me explain you this commission!

This special birthday card arises from other card I did before for a friend, Marta. It's the same idea but each card refers to the tastes of each person. Conchi, Juan Carlos' wife, saw Marta's card in my website and she thought it suits perfect for Juan Carlos' present.

She told me about the important things in Juan Carlos' life: his son and daughter, his work, the sea, and of course his wife.

I did a draft and she was excited about it. I painted the special birthday card and I sent her in order to all their family were be able to sign it. As result Juan Carlos got a lovely keepsake signed by the whole family.

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