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To my amazing mum who taught me to overcome problems with sense of humor. To my brothers who help me keep that sense of active mood. My dad, taciturn but always has me in his heart. My fiance who is always there, understand me, respect me and love me as I am. To Pepe, M. Carmen González and my sisters (sisters in law) they all have always been concerned about how I was doing. To all my family, uncles and cousins who have been concerned about my health and mood. To Kratos and Kuromori, my cats; they help me to enjoy the life and feel relaxed.

To my friends, all of them, Tamara who always connecting with me in a special way. Raquel, Laura, Oscar and Ricard because they are just friends I want to have. To Migue Martinez, Kiki, Elena Maya, Patricia, Mónica (mi hija), Marina Cobreros, Ayame (Esther Sánchez), Lucía Martín, Judit Balbas, Kike, Marta González and family, Ángela (mi hermana), Xavi R. López, Luis M. Estrella, who have given me advice and ongoing support. All these friends who were also there: Susana (mi gusana), Juanangel, Rawlione, Judit Álvarez, Estrella, Edy, Chio, Mariajo, Ro, Ra, Nieves, Xavi Silva, Jaime Romero, Patrick Brennan, Esther G. Corredera, Giuliana Gardelliano, José Gómez and Anabel, Mar Rubio, Elenita, Inés, Silvio, etc, etc etc, impossible to mention all of them.

To all these friends and my fiance's friends, Claudia Gutierrez, James Youman, Francisco and wife, José Antonio Martín and wife, Hector, Victor, Lukasz, Jacek, Francesco, Ugur, Ximo, Duygu, Alex and Kuba who've been awaiting my health and/or lending me things to help me in my work.

To Leonardo Antúnez who selflessly he has tended me his hand and led me to my recovery. Dr. Miguel Ángel Toledo who helped me understand what really had, how recover it and more important how to prevent falling into the same situation. Dr. Grieve who despite my discomfort in the patient-doctor relationship, he conducted a successful operation. 

And of course to all follower of my work and website such as Nathalie Benoit, Brigid Roche, Mitzi Gaylor, Clare Harmon, Conchi Vasco, and many more who have trusted my work until the last moment.

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