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The Brownshill Dolmen a watercolour artwork by Elizabeth Casua, tHE 33ZTH oRDER. Portal tomb
Beautiful things of this world...

Dolmens, also known as a portal tombs, most date from the early Neolithic period. They are amazing constructions that transport you to a magical and mysterious world. Fortunately l am living in Ireland, a place were you can visit some of these astonishing stones. This one is The Brownshill Dolmen (Dolmain Chnoc an Bhrúnaigh in Irish) is a megalithic portal tomb in County Carlow, Ireland.

The capstone at Brownshill, weighing an estimated 100 metric tons, is reputed to be the heaviest in Europe. So if you are in Ireland and you like dolmens, you can't miss it!

I love dolmens!!!

Watercolour W&N + Marking pen ink Staedtler + Canson Paper 300gr/140lb. Rough 100% Cotton

Size ~ 400x300 mm. / 15.70x11.80 in.

If you are interested in this painting, please contact me here.

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