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ACEO watercolour artwork: Rabit by Elizabeth Casua, tHE 33ZTH oRDER. Small paintings
This rabbit is really hungry, is eating a healthy carrot in order to feel full of energy and run all day for the forest.

Children like simple but cute paintings, this is an excellent present for them and their nursery rooms.

My artworks are unique pieces and they are made with watercolour. They are framed in a beautiful warm white wood, warm white mount and ready to hang or put on the table. .

If you are interested in this piece of art or in a similar artwork you can buy them in my shop or contact me. Thanks in advance!

PLEASE NOTE: The artwork you receive may not be exactly the same colours as those seen on your monitor due to individual colour settings of computers.

Small Art size without frame: 14.8X10.5 cm / 5.8X4.1 in. In A6 format (300g / 140Ibs)
Small Art size framed: 20.8X15.8 cm / 8.2X6.2 in. Frame is white wood + white mount + glass + back + leg

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