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Watercolour artwork: I love Autumn colours (leaf) by Elizabeth Casua, tHE 33ZTH oRDER painting

Following with wet-on-wet painting technique, today I want to share with all of you this autumn leaf. The autumn colours are really awesome and evocative, for this reason watercolour gives you the freedom to play with them.

On wet-on-wet technique you have to add colour to a wet layer of watercolour paint. In this case I painted the greens and yellows first and immediately after the reds and purples for the leaf. Obviously you cannot control all the process, but this is the most enjoyable part of the painting: trying to control part of the process and discovering what wet watercolour gives you.

After the paint was dry, I painted a second layer seeking a more intense colour on the desired areas. The next step was to let the paint dry completely for a day.

Then I painted a background with colours that provide contrast and depth. When the background was finished, I drew the shape of the leaf with some shadows, I did that with a marking pen ink Staedtler.

I hope you enjoy the results.

Watercolour W&N + Marking pen ink Staedtler + Watercolour paper (300g/qm/acid-free)

If you are interested in the Leaf or in a similar artwork you can contact me. Thanks in advance!

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