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Sketches: PLAYING WITH THE AUTUMN COLOURS by Elizabeth Casua, tHE 33ZTH oRDER Watercolour paintings / artwork

Today I bring some class sketches. Painting wet-on-wet.

You just have to add colour to a wet layer of watercolour paint on the paper. It produces a soft, diffused look as the colours mix. The extent to which the two colours mix depends on how wet the first layer still was and how dilute the second colour was.

In this case I painted the green first and immediately the purples/red and browns on the second leaf. Obviously you cannot control all the process, but this is the most enjoyable part of the painting: trying to control part of the process and discovering what wet watercolour gives you.

After the paint was dry, instead of painting others layers I did two tests. One was to paint a background with colours that provide contrast. The second one was to paint the shape of the leaf with some shadows, I did that with a marking pen ink Staedtler.

I hope you enjoy the results and can learn something about watercolour techniques.

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